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“Cathy is a very honest, reliable, and customer-focused individual. She continuously is finding new strategies to provide effective and valuable solutions to meet her customers’ needs. Cathy is a team-player and extremely resourceful. I have worked with her and also had great feedback from her customers, on a job well done, time and time again.” 

Yasmin F


“I have worked with Cathy for over 20 years on many different levels. In the time I’ve worked with her, I’ve had the pleasure of reaping a productive work relationship and a friendship. As a senior level marketing manager, Cathy knows the print production process, is creative and has a tremendous problem solving skill set. As a sales representative, she is always helpful and knowledgeable on all the products she has available. She is also someone who is motivated, ambitious and keeps professionalism, service and quality paramount.” 

Jeff B


“Cathy was a wonderfully creative individual who never shied away from a challenge. She helped us get on-track as to our marketing strategy and took us to the next level. It was a shame she moved on and to this day I miss working with her."

Tom B